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The Triumvirate Coalition is a unique organisation with three joint leaders and several advisory members forming the Chambers command unit, as well as a democratically elected Senate which allows any Triumvirate member to become involved within the decision-making process. Our government is rooted in the ideals of Freedom, Community and Equality. We also pride ourselves for our strong sense of community and interaction between members.

Based primarily in the 'Toe' of the Centrality sector, the heart of the Triumvirate is the system of Renatasia where the headquarters of each Coalition member is located: The Triumvirate Mining Corporation, the Triumvirate Security Force and Triumvirate Space Technologies, the newest branch of the Coalition. However the Triumvirate also holds a strong presence in the rest of the sector, ensuring freedom for millions of Centran citizens.

The Coalition also contains a system of institutes. All members are free to create a new institute based around a common goal or ideology; separate from the traditional command structure. This reinforces our positive thinking towards the community, equal opportunity and freedom of expression.


  • Must Be NeoTech
  • Must Be at least a Level 5+.
  • Must be active on our site
  • Must be active on Warpfire.
  • Must be a team player.
  • Must be continually playing and leveling up.

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