Terra Nova
Terra Nova
Level Requirements15-30
NPCsZone Guardian

03 warpfire bg

NeoTech's headquarters.The only base in TerraNova which has a shipyard.

Terra nova is NeoTech's central sector.Her headquarters are there.In Terra Nova are three trade zones.The first is from levels 1 until 15.The second is from level 15 until 26.Ther you get for first time honor items.In the last trade station is for level 26 and up.There you get equipment for honor or for loyalty.You can get from here level 30 ships.Terra Nova has also the gates for the trurmilite chalice,thor's hammer and frost cicle.To get to the frost cicle,you need a key.The expedension leader(near the frost cicle gate)gives the key for 50 thromium or for killing 20 young plactoids in etertinity nebula.The Terra Nova's enemies are the adult plactoids(easier target)deadly and shreder plactoids(very dangerous) and energy eaters plactoids(they eats your energy,dangerous in groups).Also there're sharp and guard resarpines(like the deadly plactoids) and matriach resarpines(easy).