Orbit of Euridius

This is the starting map for one of the factions. It has regions, that are great, but are also very dangerous.

Talon BeltEdit

This is a astroid belt, that is controlled by the marauders. There is a quest where you need to take out the Maruader Ore Prospectors.

Pirate FrontEdit

This is filled with pirates, if you go further into it you will go into Supervisor territory.

Echlion's SeatEdit

This astroid belt is extremely hazardous to your ship, if you are in it for about 10 seconds, it will destroy you ship.

Cult Territory(Orbit of Euridius)Edit

This is where you will encounter the cult. There is a quest where you will need to defeat Luger the Preacher. He is a level four dictator of the cult.

Zhao NebulaEdit

This is where you will encounter the Toxorb first. The Toxorbs live here, and there is a quest where you need to destroy about three of them.

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