Central SectorTerra Nova
Secondary Sectors
Sectors*NeoTech Training

With Discipline and superior technology, this is a military superpower by their imperial claims against any opponent. To improve the training of its pilots, was the NeoTech troops in sector 1.2.0 requistioned and turned into a training zone. There must prove any new pilot. The spacecraft design is more classic and high tech. Many edges, pumped full with the latest technology and a fresh stone gray finish.


Most of the old USC has found in the military arm of the Neotech a new home – the Neotech Star Corps. The civil population views, due to a massive present in the media and maybe the nice uniforms, the NTSC as heroes. The NTSC stays between the population and the craziness of the universe. The incident in Euphoria, has increased the prestige of the military – the half universe could see ive how the military contend the sophisticated Kryst. The NTSC disposes since that of the last weapon tecnology and ships coming from the development section (Neotech Research). The enemyship between NTSC and his pendant in Biostar (Biostar Watch) is deep and inexorable from both sides.