NT Cravo


Cost 120000 Cr
Hit Points 5,500
Shields N/A
Average Damage N/A
Speed 240 cps
Lasers 6
Cargo 1,200
Generators 6
Extras 2

The Starlord starfighter is the second most expensive ship you can purchase with just using credits. It is also one of the largest ship, but is still smaller than the Archangel.


The Starlord is really a gunship that is used throughout the galaxy. It is large and is heavily armed and armored. It cheaper than the Archangel, which the starlord is the lighter version of it. This ship has capabilities of a gunship but is still in the starfighter class. The Starlords characteristics are its beautiful design, and has many things that the other ships do not have. It is also one of the slowest ships but that can be overcomed by purchasing speed generators. Its shields however are weak compared to the armor, but when you purchase a shield generator this ship is now a dangerous enemy.

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