Lazarus was created 5481 due to a fusion of some pharmaceutical and spaceship mega-corporates. The company is well known for it's wrecking service for disabled spacecrafts, regardless of the ships owner and the zone in witch it got stucked. Since the beginning of Lazarus there were always voices complaining about the companies true goals -- mainly making money. Supporter always pointed out that Lazarus maintains a wide variety of free hospitals and emergency services. Both have been improved over the past years. Rumors about illegal experiments on patients and trade in body parts could not be affirmed by my staff or myself. As Mr. William G. Moore -- Lazarus Public Relations - states this could be a smear campaign of a competitor. Also we couldn't find any proofs for this theory. So the stories stay rumours -- until further notice. Interesting fact: Lazarus seems to have its own access to state-of-the-art technology -- bio- and cybertechnology but also in the field of warpdrives. So far there are no official statements about this. But it is a fact that Lazarus has very good connections to a multitude of governments, groups of spacepirates and other corporations. A small hint for all starpirates among our spectators: Who attacks Lazarus will have the rest of the universe retaliate.


Lazarus Medic

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