BioStar Empire
Central SectorDevina
Secondary Sectors
SectorsBioStar Training

This powerful empire star emerged from a bio-technology company. Through his genetic superiority it claims supremacy in the universe. Since the pilots were fired BioStar been somewhat inexperienced in the great universe, a previously uninhabited sector has been transformed into a training area. At this step, the BioStar leaders have decided in 1.2.0. Since the BioStar engineers use organic technology and in the little corners of nature are, to the delight of the BioStar ships pilots are very graceful and aesthetically.


The BioStar Security is part of the executive of the BioStar. They are responsible for intern problems and try to solve them as good as possible. Violating laws to reach such solutions is usual because spying and surveillance are cornerstones of the BioStar Security. Security members try to protect themselves as good as possible, but in many cases the administration of this group has problems with reliance because paranoia is a side effect of this system. The BioStar top management sees the risks in this surveillance and trys to to control this as much as possible. Furthermore the BioStar Security has an inofficiall rival within the BioStar -- the BioStar Watch. Many times frictions between these two organisations have occured because jurisdiction for diverse problems are mostly clarified at the local scene and both groups try to interpret competences to their own advantage. Despite these gaps the BioStar Security keeps a good reputation within the BioStar population because they operate quite effective. Not long ago the former chief of BioStar Security was arrested by members of his own staff as they exposed his contacts and schemings with "The Hand".